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Why Should You Have Dental Implants?

Dental implant is a procedure which would replace teeth that are badly damaged and are impossible to be restored. This type of procedure involves setting a metal fixture in the jawbone to hold the new false teeth or tooth. You could have either a single or multiple implants, based on your own situation.

This kind of procedure would be a great investment to the oral health as well as appearance. Now, it has become one of the first choices than other kinds of dental procedures, such as dentures and bridges. By doing this, you can have a number of advantages, which are:

1. Instant Results- With the improvements in today’s dental procedures, you’ll be able to replace a failing or missing tooth with an implant-supported restoration in just a day. Having this less complicated procedure improves your ability to chew and your overall comfort.

2. Long term resolution- Dental implants could last for a lifetime when they are placed properly and take care of excellently. It’s a more durable and permanent solution than other traditional teeth replacement methods.

3. Natural and healthy teeth- Dental implants are stable, strong and would look, fit and function like your natural teeth. The other form of procedures may affect your nearby teeth and jawbone, which would hamper your other activities daily.

4. Makes your smile better- You might feel shy when speaking and smiling because of your missing teeth. Undergoing in this procedure would be able to help you in enhancing your speech and cheer up your smile. They would be the closest thing to your natural teeth, which could help in restoring the natural state of your oral health and look.

5. Convenient- This procedure would not give you the discomfort similar to using a removable denture. Such implants will be securely anchored as well as would not move and slip when you’re talking and eating. You would be able to eat all your favorite food if you want to and wherever it is you want, without fears of pain and embarrassment.

6. Nearby teeth will stay intact- It doesn’t affect the adjacent teeth. Also, it can prevent jawbone deterioration and will eliminate other health problems caused by missing and failing teeth.

7. Premature aging and facial sagging are prevented- Missing teeth would lead to facial sagging as well as bone loss. This can also cause wrinkling of skin around your mouth, pointed chin and thinning lips, which make you appear older compared to your actual age.

Well, most patients cannot tell dissimilarity of their implant teeth and natural teeth. If you are having some problems with your teeth, then why not try dental implants to help you have a better and normal life.

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