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Ways Of Detecting Drug Use In People

Drug tests are so many and different in types and operation. Blood, saliva and urine samples have been commonly used in most of the tests involving drugs. The samples are scrutinized to tell whether there is any presence of metabolite which in turn indicate the presence of drugs in your body. Metabolites are stored in the body in the fatty cells and the growing cells. Metabolites do not stay for long in the bloodstream but are excreted in human urine.

It takes some period for the metabolites to stay in the body. There are some factors that affect the rate of excretion which include the level of activity and the amount of fat a person has in the body. the presence of metabolites in the hair has been noted in the recent past. Time taken for metabolites to show up in the hair is approximately five days.

We cannot pass a certain drug test as the most reliable. Urinalysis is the most common and popular drug test method use today. there has been a lot of urine kits that have been using of late in testing drugs. The ease of doctoring results has made it impossible to trust the use of urine analysis in drug testing. To eradicate the vice of manipulation, retests are done that indicate the presence of added substances in the sample. The sample is not in any way affected by the added substance in the sample. the second test will indicate the presence of doctored results.

Some people drink a lot of water so that they may pass the drug test. Creatinine is a protein substance produced by the urine in the body. It will be easier to know a person who attempted to get rid of the drug in their body by detecting low levels of the protein. Companies have been in the forefront to give free drug kits for professional and home use. The drug test kit comprises of test kits, saliva drug test kits, digital breathalyzers and alcohol tests. the information of the person using the free kits is not enough because they are private.

Urine analysis and drug test is possible using the portable drug test kits. The results are derived for the changing strip. It takes two minutes or less to give the results of the urine analysis. The variables of testing are only the presence and absence of the drug in the urine. The the accuracy of the kits is becoming more better due to the increased advancement and technological progress. Use of laboratory techniques is bringing a realization of more accurate results of drug testing. Gas chromatography is the most common technique used for drug tests. They can narrow the tests down to the type of drug and the quantity.

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